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The Idy Rides Car Show” participants are expected to comply with the following Code of Conduct:

Upon Inspection of pre-registered vehicle, organizers reserve the right to revoke registration.

Each vehicle registration must match the vehicle description and license plate. Registrations are not interchangeable between vehicles.

The event reserves the right to restrict participate attendees to acceptable behavior during all activities.

Guests shall be respectful to all other guests, participants, event officials, entertainers, city and private property.

Guests shall not willfully or maliciously disturb any other guests, participants, event officials, or entertainer’s enjoyment during the event.

Possessing open containers of any alcoholic beverages, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Guests who drink alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.

Intervention with an impaired and/or intoxicated guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.

Illegal drug possession and/or use will not be tolerated.

Guests shall refrain from using offensive language, making obscene gestures, wearing obscene or indecent clothing, throwing projectiles of any kind and possessing prohibited


Guests shall refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.

Guests shall comply with the direction and instructions of event officials.

Guests are responsible for their own good time by immediately reporting inappropriate behavior to the nearest event official.

Guests shall not solicit money or contributions for any purpose.

Guests shall not sell products or services without a permit.

Operating unauthorized recreational and/ or personal transportation devices (such as bicycles, skate boards, golf carts, go-peds, scooters or motorized carts), except by persons with a mobility disability, is not permitted within the event boundary.

Fighting, using physical force, verbal threats or intimidation, obscene language, profanity or gestures, racial, religious or ethnic slurs, sexually explicit language or conduct is strictly


Any unlawful activity or behavior is prohibited.

Possession or carrying of firearms or weapons of any kind, openly or concealed, with or without a permit, is prohibited.

Engaging in behavior of any kind that may provoke a disturbance or incite other groups or the members of the general public to potential violence or conflict is prohibited.

Discarding litter anywhere, except in designated trash receptacles is prohibited.

Defacing, damaging or destroying any real or personal property belonging to guests, participants, event officials, entertainers, city or private property is prohibited.

All dogs must be on a leash during the event.

All animals must be on a leash and any belligerent/hostile animals must be removed immediately from event.

Guests shall refrain from any other conduct deemed by the venue to be inappropriate to the peace and good order of events or which may adversely affect the safety of persons or

any property.


For safety reasons, guests are prohibited from possessing the following items. If a guest is found inside the venue with a prohibited item, guests will be asked to remove that item from the event area immediately. The following items are not permitted:

Aerosol cans

Open alcoholic beverages

Leaflets and stickers can't be distributed during the event

Colors, patches, vest, logos, hats or any apparel with gang

affiliations are not allowed to be displayed

Sound amplifying devices (O.M.C. Section 5-29.13)

Confetti or smoke producing products

Poles and sticks to display flags, banners, signs, etc.

Barbecues, Camping tents and overnight camping are not permitted.

Weapons of any kind (i.e. pepper spray, tear gas, handcuffs,

stun guns, explosives, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons,

martial arts instruments, knives, etc.)

Any other item deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the venue in its sole discretion

This list is subject to change at any time by event officials.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ensure the health and safety of animals in your care

Respect the environment in which you are walking. Clean up

after your pet.


No alcohol or any illegal substances may be brought into the venue.

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by persons 21 years of age or older with legal identification and must be consumed in specifically designated areas. No exiting the designated area with

alcohol. Sales terminate at any time at the sole discretion of event officials.

If you fail or refuse to follow this Code of Conduct, you will be asked to leave the event area.

You may be banned from this event, and future events, if you fail or refuse to comply with this Code of Conduct. Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to event officials.

We welcome your help in our efforts to provide an enjoyable experience for all guests.

If you see something suspicious in or around the event area, inform

the nearest police officer or event official.

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